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Together we can change our world for the better and build a new foundation for sustainable living in a new nonviolent society.

Modern problems of nature protection, in conditions of the high growth rate of manufacturing production, are now a national challenge. Ensuring the quality of the environment necessary for sustainable living is one of the most important missions of our New Community Project (NCP).

NCP is a program that is passionate about the creation of sustainable systems that care for the earth, empower people most marginalized and impoverished, educate and inspire, and build the foundation for a nonviolent lifestyle. We are a faith-based nonprofit organization trying to improve the life level of our community by taking care of both people and the environment.

We work in three key areas that have the highest impact on our lives; food, transportation, and the built environment. Our partner BadCreditCashASAP Loans provided the New Community Project with $5,000 financial assistance to help us become visible and strong. Thanks to the invaluable impact of additional funding, the New Community Project has taken confident steps to engage the education sector in our work.

Over the past three months, we have managed to organize four events for school kids to discuss the importance of our mission. Thanks to this, Harrisonburg children are initiated into the basics of conscious consumption, learn to protect nature, treat each other with love and kindness, and offer new significant projects to help us change the world for the better.

NCP maintains a Sustainable Living Center on N. Main St. surrounded by an urban working farm, run on permaculture principles, inviting volunteer participation and offering learning opportunities.

715 N. Main St.
Harrisonburg, VA 22802